Two Wheelers Highland

The lessons we provide are tailored to your needs, whether you’ve returned to biking after a break, or you’ve passed your CBT and looking to do your test. We will asses your riding and advise which areas need practice.

We have small mopeds,125cc, and larger machines (400 -600cc) available. You can start on a moped or 125cc and progress up onto the big bikes when you feel ready. Helmet, gloves and waterproofs are provided at no extra charge.

lessonsLessons times are flexible, 2 hour blocks, afternoons, mornings or full days. We can do intensive Direct Access courses over a few days if you want to complete your training in a short time frame, although this approach is most suited to people with previous experience.

For novices, we recommend lessons in 2 hour blocks spread over a few weeks to build up your confidence, before taking your test. If you are over 21, you can take the 'direct access' test on a big bike (eg 400cc) bike to gain your full unrestricted A licence.

If you’re happy with a smaller bike or if you’re under 21, you should take the A2 test on a 125cc bike, and gain your 'full restricted' licence, in which you are restricted to motorcycles with a power output of 33 BHP for 2 years, after which you can ride any size of machine.

You’ll need to have passed your motorcycle theory test before you can take a practical test.

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